Mother of God Community

At Mother of God we recognise and acknowledge the importance of parents and the wider community in each child’s learning and development. We aim to develop citizens who can participate in and contribute to their local and global communities.

We take great pride in the strong sense of community that exists at our school and are committed to strengthening the strong relationships between the school, our families and community.

Whole school assemblies are an important part of school life. A sense of community is fostered at our fortnightly assemblies where children and parents come together to pray, to celebrate achievements and to share learning. Our Senior School Leadership Team is responsible for leading each assembly which is held in the Multi-Purpose Area.

Whole school activities, such as Book Week celebrations, Twilight Sports and Multicultural Day are a highlight on our school calendar and bring the children together in multi age groupings.

The Student Representative Council, which is comprised of students from Year Prep to 6, works to benefit the school and wider community with regular meetings. This group provides a student voice within the school and takes on various projects.

 A community working together

At Mother of God we encourage the full participation of all in our school community. A broad range of opportunities exist for parental and family involvement. These include:

  • Liturgical celebrations and Class Masses
  • Sacramental program
  • Classroom helpers program
  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • Curriculum information sessions
  • Assemblies
  • Twilight Sports carnival
  • Excursions
  • Social events
  • Fundraising events
  • Working bees
  • Uniform Shop
  • School Fete (to be held in 2014)
  • Parent Representative Council
  • Classroom Parent Representative